Thursday, September 3, 2009


“Yoko is a witch!”
George Harrison To The Author 1983

“John used to often tell me to get rid of her in the early days. As far as I am concerned she was, in the vernacular of today, a stalker.”
Tony Bramwell, Lennon Confidant

“If I would have been Hitler’s girlfriend things would have been different.”
Yoko Ono, 1969

Ugh! Geoffrey Giuliano, oh, I don't want to comment on him. If you follow his writings, you know all about him."
Yoko Ono, 2000


Here at last is the bold, uncensored, unauthorized history of one of pop culture’s most controversial and dark divas. As the woman who shattered the Beatles and conquered John Lennon, Ono’s is the archetypal story of mile high ego meeting blind ambition in an explosion of over the top self promotion spanning four colorful decades. Hailing from the privileged upper class of the tawny Tokyo banking world on to the drug fueled art underground of 1960’s New York and London, this self proclaimed “con artist” came, saw and conquered taking with both hands whatever she wanted leaving a tsunami of broken hearts, lives and dreams in her inglorious wake. After the murder of John Lennon in 1980 Ono created a new role for herself, this time as the eternally grieving widow stumping for One World unity in a never ending series of often bizarre, always self aggrandizing so-called “event’s “ and “exhibitions” designed to raise her profile as the new millenniums ‘ “Mrs. Love & Peace.” Whether remixing Lennon’s post Yoko ‘Walls and Brides’ LP – deleting the Beatles loving references to his long time mistress May Pang and insinuating herself – literally- into the mix, re-drawing John’s private doodles for public display and profit, or sparring with young Julian Lennon over his share of the vast Lennon estate Yoko has excelled as the warbling Queen of Mean staking her claim as the unrelenting Ayatollah of John Lennon’s artful legacy and twenty five percent owner of the Beatles evergreen body of work.

Written with the aid of a wealth of unseen, exclusive private, personal and official documents, secret unpublished diaries and Lennon/Ono sex tapes, unpublished diaries, letters and exclusive insider interviews with Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Julian and Cynthia Lennon, Lennon’s sister Julia Baird and his Liverpool family, the Beatles’ intimate Apple staff including Peter Brown and Derek Taylor among many others. Controversial Lennon aid Frederic Seaman also weighs in as does John’s lover May Pang and Lenono staffer George Speerin. Featuring two 16 page inserts of never before published photographs from the private collections of intimate family and friends.

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